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Chef Denise provided us with an outstanding Thanksgiving Feast. There was a great variety and everything was hot and fresh, and she even delivered to our tailgate! Thanks, Chef Denise, for taking such great care of us!

Lucy T.

Chef Denise was wonderful, interacted with the guests and made the whole experience that much more memorable. The food was outstanding, everyone raved about it. I was over the moon with the whole experience.

Carol B.


Delta Z


Small serves  10 - 15

Large serves  20 - 25

Deli Platter:

Roast turkey, ham, roast beef served with assorted

breads, sliced cheese, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, dill spears,

and condiments.

Small: $75.00              Large: $150.00

Chicken Platter:

Panko chicken tenders, coconut chicken tenders,

BBQ seasoned chicken tenders, with Poblano Ranch

and Honey Mustard.

Small: $50.00                Large: $95.00

Sandwich Tray:

Assorted sandwiches with chips and dill pickles.

Small: $55.00                Large:$110.00

Vegetable Platter:

Assorted vegetables with dip.

Small: $30.00                Large: $55.00

Grilled Vegetable Platter:

Assorted grilled vegetables with olive oil and herbs.

Small: $40.00               Large: $80.00

Fresh Fruit Platter:

Assorted seasonal fruit.

Small: $45.00            Large: $90.00

Cheese Platter

Assorted cheese with crackers.

Small: $45.00            Large: $90.00

Beef Tenderloin Platter:

Grilled herb crusted beef tenderloin sliced with horseradish sauce.

Market Price

Shrimp Platter:

Garnished with lemon wedges and served with a tangy cocktail sauce.

Price Per Pound

Smoked Salmon Platter:

Capers, cucumber rounds, chopped eggs, assorted breads, diced red onions, cream cheese, and lemon wedges.

Market Price

Relish Platter:

Green and black olives, bread and butter pickles, sliced red onion with Balsamic glaze, celery sticks, carrot sticks, and radishes.

Small: $35.00       Large: $80.00